On behalf of the Fielding Family, I would like to thank Kenneally’s Funerals, in particular Les along with David Reardon and Lisa Howarth for all their help in making very difficult decisions for the Funeral of our beloved Andrew. We all appreciated the compassion, understanding and professionalism shown to us all.

Tony & Andrea Fielding
Jason & Kristy Fielding & Family.
Matthew Fielding, Katherine Buckle

Dear Gerald,

Please accept our heartfelt thanks for your assistance and compassion shown to our family, especially my mum, in the recent loss of her husband and our dad – also our thanks to Lisa and to Jemma.

Judith Snook

Dear Donna & Gerald,

With our heartfelt thanks. There are all kinds of thank-yous, all very sincere – for help or of gifts, or for just being near. There are all kinds of thank-you’s for all kinds of things… but none mean more than our thank-you this brings.

Thanking you very much for all the great work you have done for my dad John Thiry.

Sarah, Shaun, Karl, Santana, Jacinta & Brianna.

Dear Gerald, Les and Ngaire,

Thank you very much for all your help with everything. Thank you Les for your extra care and expression of sympathy.

Mercedesz, Jesse and Rocky.

With Sincere Thanks

My sincere thanks go to all at Kenneally’s Funerals for your compassion and support following the death of my Mum, Jean Hawkins.

The genuine care given by Gerald, David Reardon and Lisa Howarth helped make this difficult time bearable.

Friends and relatives commented on the lovely service, just perfect for my Mum.

Once again, thank you all.

Dear Gerald,

On behalf of the Miller family, Barbara and Raymond Miller would like to send our thanks and appreciation of the way you and your staff handled Joan Miller’s (mum’s) funeral.
From the first time that we met you, we were really impressed by the caring and professional way that you carried out the funeral arrangements for us. Every detail was set out perfectly and easily understood so that we knew exactly what was required.

All our friends and relatives also commented on the way that the service was carried out on this solemn occasion and would like us to convey their thanks to you.
We would also like to thank the reverend, for the way he conducted the service and did this in a way that put everybody at ease with a few well chosen words and the readings that were offered.

We remain yours in reverence,
Raymond and Barbara

Dear Gerald,

My sincere thanks to all at Kenneally’s Funerals for the support, compassion and personalised services your company provided me with, following the tragic death of my daughter Deborah Rogers.

Special thanks for the incredible support, compassion and genuine care given to me by Lisa. Without Lisa by my side during those dark days I know I would not have survived. Her invaluable assistance with the funeral made it a special day.

Thanks too, to Barry for collecting with care my daughters clothes and providing me with transport into the city. The memories of the wonderful care you took of my daughter and me will remain with me forever.

With heartfelt thanks,
Margaret Rogers

Dear Gerald,

I am writing this short letter in appreciation of the service you carried out for Shannon on my behalf.

I would like to thank you and your staff on the professional and dedicated way it was conducted.

I would like to thank Les Tidyman personally for his wonderful effort, where would you get another bloke like him?

Lets not forget Barry the mourning coach driver, the most courteous person we could have asked for, he made everyone feel at ease with his pleasant conversation and was very helpful.

I am closing thank you all well done!

Yours thankfully,
Ron Sharp

Dear Gerald,

Very many thanks for your kindness to all our family re Mum’s death. We received many remarks about the funeral, all were very positive.

Also, please pass on our thanks to Lisa, who was so patient with us, for many hours.

We could not have asked any more from a funeral company.

Once again, many thanks from us all, I’m sure Mum would agree.

Sincerely yours,
Therese Dengate

Dear Gerald,

Pat and I would like to say thank you for your consideration and kindness shown to us during our loss of Pat’s Mum.
Pat took great comfort in being with her Mum prior to the cremation, thank you also to your staff, who were very considerate with us.

Ted and Pat Irvine

Dear Gerald and Les,

Thank you so very much for your compassion and care. I don’t think we could have got through the days without your help, we will always remember you for it.

Catherine & Denis McNamara

Dear Gerald, Les & Staff,

A true thank you from myself, and the family for the respect, love and support you have given John on the day he started his eternal life with God.
He would have been proud to have seen what was done for him, from the people he loved and shared his life with.

Lee and Family

PS. Thank you Les you are one of a kind.

Dear Gerald, Donna & Family,

Thank you for your support, kindness and understanding. You made everything so much easier for us and we do appreciate it immensely.

The Goddard Family

Dear Gerald,

Thank you for organising a most beautiful funeral service for my Mum. Your help with every aspect of the funeral arrangement was wonderful.

The family – Jack, John, Kate, Peter, Louise and myself have lovely memories of a Mass for our wife and mother.

Thank you

Helen Simpson

To Dear Gerald and Lisa,

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for such a very, very caring and compassionate service for our dear Dad. You all did such a wonderful service. Dad would have been proud!!!! God Bless you both.

Love from
Sue & Dianne Kriuklys

Dear Gerald,

Thanks for your support in the recent passing of a loved member of our family. Your generosity of spirit, flexibility and organisational skills – not to mention your well balanced manner in the presence of grieving people – certainly contributed to the atmosphere right through and beyond the day of the service.

Please pass on my thanks to your staff as well, all of whom acted appropriately and efficiently.


To Dear Gerald,

“Thank you” is one of those wonderful phrases people use to express a special gratitude. But there’s often a lot more to it than those two words can say. When it comes from the heart, from deep inside the nicest feeling and the most special thought, “thank you” means so much.

It means thank you for taking the time to show that you care. It means “you really made my day”, and sometimes it means that you really make all the days so much better.

“Thank you” means you didn’t have to… but I’m so grateful that you did. “Thank you” means that you’ve done something special that I’ll never forget.

I thank you…. with all my heart.

A note of thanks to tell you how much your kindness meant in our time of sadness. Thank you for everything.

With Love
June Strand and Family

Dear Gerald,

Just a short note to convey to you my heartfelt appreciation for the extremely sensitive, considerate and highly professional manner in which my Mother’s funeral was conducted by your firm.

A very sad day – for all of the family – was made that much more bearable because of your efforts and those of your staff who were quite simply outstanding.

Mr Leslie Tidyman, Mr Barrie Swift and Miss Lisa Howarth carry out their duties with compassion and decorum. Their efforts reflected great credit on Kenneally’s Funerals given the highly professional manner in which the service and the interment were conducted. The demeanour of each of them – throughout the entire process – brought much solemnity to the occasion.

I must make a special mention of Mr Leslie Tidyman who presided over the entire procedure with all pomp and ceremony that such an occasion calls for – he is a true professional. Please convey to each of them my personal gratitude and most sincere appreciation.

Yours Faithfully
Malcolm W Cox

To Les and the Kenneally Staff,

On behalf of my family I would like to thank all of the Kenneally Staff for the service that was provided for us on a day that was the most hardest of all days putting my father to rest.

A very big thanks to Les for making everything seem so easy even though it felt so hard, for your time and patients and especially for caring.

Every day is a different day for us right now, still finding it hard to believe that he is not here any more in person though we fell his presence all the time and that is so warming. I know in time it will get easier, but for now we still travel a rocky road.

Again a big warm thanks to Les and Staff for their support in the death of my Dad Tony, thank you for a memorable service.

Sincere thanks,
Louise, Virginia & Anthony

To Gerald,

Thank you for the Cremation Service that you and others carried out for me father, Keith recently. Your help was much appreciated and you helped us through a difficult time.

Once again, thank you very much.

Brian H

Dear Gerald,

I would like to on behalf of the family thank you and your staff for the professional way the service was conducted owing to the fact that there was not much time and your personal approach to the family.

Yours truly
Robert S.

To Whom it May Concern,

I am writing to thank your staff for the way in which the funeral service was arranged and conducted for Joan Mabel Richardson, at Leppington Forest Lawn Cemetery.

With Joan having died at Kilbride Nursing Home, and with no family in Australia to attend to her needs, all your staff are to be thanked and complimented on the way in which they conducted the funeral.

Along with a nurse from the ‘Home’, I was the only other person able to attend the funeral, and yet it was conducted as though there were 100 people attending. Every care was taken and so much thought had been put into the arrangements in the absence of Joan’s loved ones.

The ‘Loving Memory’ card with the poem, the larger photo on the casket, to the ‘most appropriate songs’ from Joan’s era, and as well, the most beautiful rose floral tribute were so befitting of all that Joan could have wished for.

With sincere thanks,
Joy Banfield, a friend of Joan and Harry Richardson