Think about filming your Funeral Service

Have you thought about having your funeral filmed via video recording, webcast, or live streamed from the chapel service?

It has become a popular option to have funeral services recorded for those people who are unable to attend the funeral service. We come from such a diverse community, with people originating from different places throughout the world, with relatives and friends living interstate, or simply those who live long distances away and cannot get there on the day. Time restraints and expenses play a large factor in whether or not attending a loved one’s funeral is an achievable goal.

Many families today choose to either have their funeral service videoed, recorded or live streamed on the day of the service. You might now be asking yourself, “But why would they do that?”. This is why; friends and family who are unable to attend the service on the day are able to witness the service as it happens (live-stream or webcast) or be sent a copy to feel as though they were part of the ceremony. Think of it as being for those loved ones who cannot be with you, but who wish to be a part of that special occasion. Another point is that it can be saved and used for family history purposes.

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