Tailored Guidance for a Personalised Funeral

Personalised, tailored funerals to suit your individual requirements.

At Kenneally’s Funerals, we provide detailed guidance and advice to help you add your own personal touches to the funeral service.Personalised, tailored funerals

Often some of the decisions are easier if the wishes of the deceased are known. Some of the decisions that need to be made when planning a funeral include:

  • Transferring your loved one to the funeral home
  • Consultation with the family in planning the details of the service
  • Responsibility for all details involved in arranging the service
  • Liaising with the cemetery or crematorium
  • Registration of the Death
  • Consultation with the clergy or celebrant
  • Choosing a coffin or casket
  • Liaison with memorial stationery
  • Placement of newspaper notices
  • Liaison with clubs and other associations
  • What kind of music
  • Liaison with florists
  • Place personal items inside the coffin
    (photos, letters, drawings etc)
  • After service refreshments
  • Assistance with grief support, if required